Dear Al A Carte,

I am having a terrible time with my teenage son. He has been lying to me about going to college and it really upsets me because I am supporting him while he’s there.

He received a two-year grant that is paying for college and I fear he will lose it at the end of this semester. I thought I was helping him achieve his career goal, but now I feel taken advantage of by my own son.

I’m uncertain what to do about it. Do you have any advice?

Frazzled Mom



Dear Frazzled,

BEEF FRANK with your son.

Beef Franksteen trouble

1 package beef franks
1 package hot dog buns
chopped onions

Grill beef franks over medium heat. Turn occasionally. Takes about 5 minutes.

Toast buns on grill. Then pile on the toppings.

* * *

Tell your son that if he is not in school, he will have to get a job and help out with the bills. This should give him an idea of what life in the real world is like.

Al A

Ask Al A Carte: Teen Trouble
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