Dear Al A Carte,

My girlfriend is the biggest slob you ever met. Now, I thought this was the private domain of men.

I love her dearly, but hasn’t she crossed the line?





Dear Disheveled,

I think you are CORNfused. Sloppy habits know no gender.

Sheila’s Corn Relish

1 bag frozen corndisheveled
1 can black beans, drained
fresh salsa
green onions, chopped
red peppers, diced
cilantro, chopped
parsley, chopped
basil, chopped
oregano, dried
thyme, dried
cumin, dried
garlic, minced
lime juice
1 TBL vinegar
celery, diced
carrots, chopped
Tabasco sauce, to taste

Mix everything together. Chill before eating.

* * *

Perhaps you can try to help her get organized.
If that doesn’t work, designate a space in your home where she can be as messy as she wants – preferably behind closed doors.

Al A

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