A Souper Hero is someone who has a deep affection for food and wants to share their knowledge, so others can benefit. Souper heroes are all ages, levels, and specialties and each one has their own personality, philosophy, and preferences. What kind of Souper Hero are you?

Alexandra Anne Carte (aka Al A Carte) Al A doesn’t mince words, she minces garlic. With a ladle in hand, Al A knows advice goes down better with a bowl of soup. She has been gathering recipes and food tips for years, and is excited to share.

Carrie Out. Al A’s daughter, Carrie, would rather dial for dinner or shop for groceries than prepare a meal. She loves food holidays and to gather birthday freebies from the best places around town. Don’t worry, Carrie will let you in on her food secrets.

Liam Chop. TV Chef Liam has as much flair as flavor for his barbecue delights. Liam enjoys being the center of attention and sharing his enthusiasm for food and gadgets.

Tess Kitchen. Al A’s best friend, Tess bought a restaurant so she doesn’t have to cook, although she does enjoy planning dinner parties and events. 

Chef Mac Arel. Mac is Al A’s sole mate. While fish is his specialty, Mac loves taking any protein and turning it into a feast for all the senses.

Sue Chef. An ultra competitive and “orderly” chef, Sue is precise by nature and speaks her mind. She loves to salvage food flops and show off her plating techniques.

Juan Ton. Juan is a college student and Mexican-Asian cooking prodigy. He is innovative and talented, especially when it comes to preparing International foods.

Justin Thyme. Health and fitness enthusiast Justin recently left the corporate world to open a food truck, where he prepares foods and drinks with vegetables, fruits, and spices from the community garden. 

Moe K. Latte. Coffee lover Moe keeps this website up and running.