Key to Remembering

Want to be sure to take your lunch with you as you run out the door to work? Place your keys in the refrigerator, and you will never forget.

This also works well when sending leftovers home with company.

Milk it for All it’s Worth

Have your eyes lost their sparkle? Are they carrying some bags you don't want? Try this.

Take a cup, add an ice cube, and cover with milk. Grab two cotton balls, a towel for under your chin, and lie down. Dip the cotton balls in the ice milk, close your eyes, and place one on each lid.

When the cotton balls are no longer cold, dip again in the milk, and put back on your lids. Do this for about 15 minutes.

You will be amazed at how fresh you look ... and feel!

Egg on Your Face

Here’s a way to have egg on your face without being embarrassed!

Separate one egg into two small cups.

Using your fingers or a pastry brush, spread a layer of the egg white on your face. Note: Do not get it too close to your eyes.

Let dry. Spread a second layer of the white. Once that is dry, put on a coat of the yolk. When dry, rinse with warm water.  Pat dry and apply your favorite moisturizer.

Your skin will glow, and you’ll feel great!

Ask Al A Carte

When you combine food with advice, you’re bringing love to the table. This column tackles everything from family and relationships to work and social issues. The advice is real and each answer segues into a delicious recipe. Readers can rely on Al A Carte to nourish them—body and soul!

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Al A’s Carte of Gift Ideas

One of my favorite gifts to give is a picnic basket filled with something special. For a romantic evening include a bottle of champagne, glasses, candlesticks, cloth napkins, and gourmet goodies. Remember, picnics are not just for the summer. Enjoy a winter picnic in front of the fireplace or any other room in the house.

For the Movie Buff: Fill an old-fashioned popcorn box with microwave popcorn, candy bars, soda, and a couple of DVDs or movie tickets. You might even want to include a subscription to an entertainment magazine. Lights! Camera! Action!

For Food Lovers: Always appreciated is a gift of food. Place a favorite recipe and the ingredients to make it in a pot or bowl. Add a wooden spoon, measuring cup, and anything else that goes with it, along with a novelty dish towel or apron. Bon Appetit!

Wrapping Things Up: Baskets make great containers for gifts, and anything can serve as a basket: Flower pots, bowls, coffee mugs, jars, even a Frisbee. Fill them with anything from cookies and candy to scarves and jewelry. Wrap in cellophane and tie with a bow!

Family Fun: Find a gift that encourages the family to spend time together. Here are some thoughts: A digital camera to record special moments; a jigsaw puzzle to work on together; tickets to an event, activity, or movie. A gift card for a local restaurant, complete with takeout menu, also makes a great gift. Happy Holidays!

Food for Thought

Am so excited about our upcoming food memory anthology. We received some wonderful entries, and there’s still a little time for you to send in your submissions. It doesn’t need to have a recipe, just a memory inspired by food – eating it, sharing it, shopping for it!

My food memory: “How I Found Peas and Quiet in Aisle 6.”

Introducing Carrie Out

Hi, All. My daughter – Carrie Out – will be joining me on my blog. She is the expert on dialing for dinner and galloping to the grocery! Watch for her first post, coming soon!